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4-7-20  Relation of Philosophical Issues To Real Life (click here to read)

9-14-17    Truth    (click here to read)

9-18-15   Being a Good Person   (click here to read)

9-12-15  Persons Cannot Be Concretely Defined For the Moment or the Future     (click here to read)

2-16-15  What I Believe:  An Idealist Deals With Reality
(click here to read)

10-17-14   Meaning–Finding It and Making It   (click here to read)

10-10-14  Basic Philosophical Issues Useful for Some                                                           Psychotherapies      (click here to read)

8-26-14     What Is “Good,” What Is “The Good,” and What Is “A                                    Good Life?”        (click here to read)

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