Unless otherwise noted, all information on this website is by Christopher Ebbe, Ph.D., ABPP

After graduating from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in engineering and humanities (including religious studies), Dr. Ebbe earned his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Missouri at Columbia (1971).  He served seven years in the U. S. Air Force followed by thirty years in community mental health, treating clients and training new psychologists (200 doctoral psychology interns and over 100 post-doctoral residents).  He trained therapists to understand clients fully and deeply and to be aware of their own feelings and thoughts in order to provide maximal help to clients.  His own orientation to professional work combines psychodynamic and existential ideas, evaluated from his scientific background.  It is his firm belief that increased self-awareness and serious pursuit of the truth are the keys to making the best life possible for oneself and to creating peaceful and cooperative relationships with others, including those in other parts of the world.

Dr. Ebbe is Board Certified (ABPP) in clinical psychology and was President of the American Academy of Clinical Psychology.  He has served as a licensing examiner in psychology and as an internship accreditation site visitor for the American Psychological Association.  He is the author of How To Feel Good About Yourself:  Twelve Key Steps to Positive Self-Esteem (2003, 2008).

Dr. Ebbe continues to cultivate serenity, compassion, and wisdom in his own life and to seek ways in which to communicate to others any insights that this might produce!